Frequent freezes

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Frequent freezes

Post by Protegent » 2019-11-24, 12:33

I'm having this problem with both Pale Moon and Basilisk. The whole browser (UI and page) freezes for a second at random times. This is not the case with any other browser. Also, the problem occurs on my new desktop pc too (Ryzen 5 1600, 8 GB RAM, Arch Linux)
I have Acer Aspire 5735z. Pentium T3200 cpu, 2 GB RAM. (Win 7 32 Bit.)

The problem is so bothering that I had to change my default browser back to Firefox for now. But I really liked the simplicity of Pale Moon, so I want it to be fixed.

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Re: Frequent freezes

Post by back2themoon » 2019-11-24, 14:00

Protegent wrote:
2019-11-24, 12:33 I want it to be fixed.
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Also, you posted in the wrong forum section.
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Re: Frequent freezes

Post by Pallid Planetoid » 2019-12-15, 01:24

How often does this "freezing" behavior occur?

If it is quite often (i.e. every few minutes or so) -- you could try starting the browser(s) in "safe-mode" (Help>Restart in Safe Mode..., select "safe-mode" from the dialog you get).

Then check the browser out for enough time to determine if this same thing occurs in safe-mode -- if not then it would most likely be an add-on that is causing the issue (that you can resolve by process of elimination).
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