Pale Moon will not play some videos

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Re: Pale Moon will not play some videos

Post by RJARRRPCGP » 2019-11-22, 01:15

loxodont wrote:
2019-11-22, 00:35
However, thx for help & advice posts
You're welcome. I still get stumped from time to time why videos are stuck, even with FTTH!

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Re: Pale Moon will not play some videos

Post by gepus » 2019-11-22, 12:54

loxodont wrote:
2019-11-22, 00:35
I still don't know what it is.
Whatever it is, it's weird.
I'm no vimeo user but out of curiosity have checked your links with a fresh portable install of Pale Moon 28.7.2.
None of them worked for me as well (load eternally and don't start).
Then I tested with IceCat 68.2.0esr and except for link 3 and 7 all the other links worked fine.

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Re: Pale Moon will not play some videos

Post by coffeebreak » 2019-11-22, 15:04

All those videos linked on the previous page played fine here.

For whatever it's worth, it helped to have autoplay enabled (usually I disable it).

Oddly, when autoplay was enabled all the viewing pages opened for me with the player "off," but needing just a single click to start playing - while when autoplay was disabled the viewing pages opened with the player "on" and buffering, yet requiring two or three clicks to start playing.

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Re: Pale Moon will not play some videos

Post by loxodont » 2019-11-23, 17:51

coffeebreak wrote:
2019-11-22, 15:04
..., it helped to have autoplay enabled (usually I disable it).
I always had media.autoplay. enabled (if you meant this with autoplay) to true by default in PM and Basilisk and also tried with this fix from windowsclub ... me-firefox
- maybe it helps someone else, but it didn't work for me.
One last time I re-checked videos with old Basilisk (2018-12-18) and the good news is it played most of vimeo stuff very well, just not those failvideos on page 1.

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