My Palemoon video capture :-)

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francesco bat
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Apollo supporter
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My Palemoon video capture :-)

Post by francesco bat » 2019-09-07, 18:32

I don't found a topic for this.
I hope i have not wrong section :)
This is Palemoon with Modoki Moon theme (in Netscape Navigator style) and various speed dial custom: ...

Bye ;)
Francesco bat

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John connor
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Re: My Palemoon video capture :-)

Post by John connor » 2019-09-08, 07:22


And bats, despite their ability to acquire rabies, are the best damn bug killing creatures ever. Love bats.
Imagine if God created a creature that was bipedal, soft and cuddly, stood about 9 inches tall and sang. Then called him Gizmo.

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