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Country of Origin.

Posted: 2019-08-15, 22:41
by josedevanir
Hello guys.

This is for the developers.

I know this question may sound odd...

I work for a company who put me in search of a new browser to replace Google Chrome/Firefox.
We need a browser able to run java (which Firefox has been doing well so far).

After fiddling with your PaleMoon browser I was able to enable java and access all sites we need.

Only one question I could not find anywhere...

Could you tell me in which country your company is based at?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Country of Origin.

Posted: 2019-08-16, 07:08
by Moonchild
Our community is a global effort. There is no single "Country of Origin" or "made in" country as such.
As for project leadership, that's located in Sweden because I happen to be a resident there (although I'm not a Swedish citizen).