PM won't render this address

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PM won't render this address

Unread post by Hilbert » 2023-12-07, 23:19

Pale Moon 32.5.1 64bit Windows will not render this address properly:

It starts to load oversized images then becomes continually busy. The page loads properly and quickly in Firefox 115.5.0esr.

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Re: PM won't render this address

Unread post by Kris_88 » 2023-12-07, 23:56

SVG without width and height.
Possible related bug:
Daniel Holbert [:dholbert]
Comment 67 • 7 months ago
Looking at "megatest 2":
Firstly, all browsers agree on the final row. i.e. if the <svg> width and height attributes are both present and both pixel-valued (the final row of the testcase), then all browsers use those as the intrinsic size.

For the other rows (where width or height are missing or percent-valued): WebKit renders all of those rows the same (though not quite the same as they render the final row).

Summing up their behavior:

If the SVG image has a missing or percent-valued width or height attribute, then WebKit ignores the width and height attributes entirely, and instead looks at the viewBox, using the width and height components (both of them) from the viewBox as an intrinsic size. (as can be seen in 2nd and 3rd column of this testcase, which have two different viewBox options)
If the viewBox is missing (as in the first column of this testcase), WebKit just uses the fallback 300x150 replaced element intrinsic size.

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Re: PM won't render this address

Unread post by adoxa » 2023-12-08, 06:59

Here's a Modify HTTP Response filter to add width & height to the SVGs, based on the viewBox; it also removes @layer NAME{ from the CSS, giving it a bit more style (but still not quite right).

Code: Select all

[["",["/^\\/article/",["/viewBox=\"0 0 (\\d+) (\\d+)\"/g","$& width=\"$1\" height=\"$2\"","/@layer \\w+\\{/g",""]]]]

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