Is 32.2.0 crashing for anyone else?

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Re: Is 32.2.0 crashing for anyone else?

Unread post by fatboy » 2023-05-24, 14:35

dbsoft wrote:
2023-05-24, 07:57
I got a crash or two during my pre-release testing which I was unable to track down or reproduce. However, other than the crashes reported on the forums that we have been tracking down and fixing... I have not crashed since the release. Considering how much code churn there was in this release though, the stability is rather remarkable.
That is great to hear, I am always happy and fascinated to read Pale Moon's release notes, to "see" how its code is maturing and being refined release after release. Makes me very happy.
I have had no issues on Linux so far, with both PM and Basilisk, but will provide feedback if I do find something.
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Re: Is 32.2.0 crashing for anyone else?

Unread post by THX-1139 » 2023-05-24, 21:36

Nope, no crashes or any problems to speak of, Smooth sailing all the way, so rarely do I use any other :coffee:
Pale Moon 32.3.1 (64) Win7 pro (64) Intel Core i5-3570 3.4GHz-16 GB DDR3

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Re: Is 32.2.0 crashing for anyone else?

Unread post by Sob__ » 2023-05-25, 01:38

I had three crashes so far (PM x64, Win10 Pro 21H2 with latest updates):

0xc0000005 in mozjs.dll @ 0x00000000003f660e
0xc0000005 in xul.dll @ 0x0000000000aa971b
0xc0000005 in mozjs.dll @ 00000000004cc5bd

I'm not sure how much useful this info is. Given how much I use the browser (a lot, several hours a day) and that it was over more than week, it's quite rare. And basically unreproducible, because it's random pages. I can't even tell which ones. At least once it was when I opened about five in background tabs and it crashed before they fully loaded. And I always have more in background. It can be anything, some random ad that loads once, but not next time, ...

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Re: Is 32.2.0 crashing for anyone else?

Unread post by Kris_88 » 2023-05-26, 07:16

I had one crash. I was on youtube at that time.

PM 32.2.0 64 portable on Windows 10.
Faulting application name: Palemoon.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x64621732
Faulting module name: xul.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x64621a14
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000173590e

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Re: Is 32.2.0 crashing for anyone else?

Unread post by MakeTopSite » 2023-06-07, 09:20

no crashes on linux.

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