Weird issue with crashed session that includes private browsing

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Weird issue with crashed session that includes private browsing

Unread post by bgstack15 » 2021-06-15, 14:32

Fedora 33, Pale Moon 29.2.0 (yes, I know 29.2.1 is already out)

I had a regular window visiting two pages from this site: and another match's analysis page, which does some apparently intense number crunching to render. Also opening two of them was a bit foolish on my part I realize.

I also had a private browsing window up (pretty darn sure it was private browsing) logged in to gmail and associated sites.

I think the aoe2insights pages were freezing up Pale Moon so eventually I had to run "killall palemoon" in a terminal. Upon my running the browser again, it offered to start up my two windows, including the gmail session which I thought was in a private browsing window! There is of course the small possibility I remember incorrectly about opening it in a private window, but I've always been good at that before.

Has anyone ever seen where a crashed session that includes a private browsing window saves the private browsing session into the main history/cache/cookies?

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