SASL EXTERNAL doesn't seem to work properly

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SASL EXTERNAL doesn't seem to work properly

Unread post by jobbautista9 » 2021-04-13, 05:39

So I tried to use my own certificate as a means of authentication to freenode. I imported my cert into the Certificate Manager, and when I connect to freenode, it asks me whether to use my certificate, which is expected. But what I did not expect is that it still asks me for a password. I disabled "Use SASL authentication" in the preferences, and only used my certificate instead, but now I can't connect, because my IP is banned for users not using SASL.

What's even weird is that when I connect with both certificate and password, and /whois myself, it shows my certificate fingerprint. So it sees my certificate.

My certificate has a key size of 16384-bits long, maybe that could be a factor?

I'm using the standalone client.

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