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Trouble report: opening log file

Posted: 2019-07-07, 21:29
by Bilbo47
Clicked the logging button, this link appeared:
[INFO] Now logging to <file:///C:/Dat/Profiles/Ambassador/ambassador/logs/freenode/channels/%23binaryoutcast.2019-07-05.log>.
but clicking that link throws a messagebox: Cannot open file,

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       "C:\B\file:\C:\Dat\Profiles\Ambassador\ambassador\logs\freenode\channels\%23binaryoutcast.2019-07-05.log" cannot be opened:
Folder "C:\B\file:\C:\Dat\Profiles\Ambassador\ambassador\logs\freenode\channels" doesn't exist. [OK]
is the value of Preferences / Global / Logging / Log folder, but "Log this view" is un-checked/off.
Even after changing "Log this view" to checked/on and adding a line of chat, the messagebox still appears.
The log file is actually "C:\Dat\Profiles\Ambassador\Ambassador\Logs\freenode\channels\#binaryoutcast.2019-07-05.log"

That 'C:\B\' seems to be a problem. It happens to be the folder containing the batch script which executes Start "" "C:\Apps\Ambassador\Ambassador.EXE"

Re: Trouble report: opening log file

Posted: 2019-07-12, 22:10
by Isengrim
Looks like this only affects the standalone version on Windows. It works fine if you use it as an extension, or with the standalone version on Linux. (Cannot confirm the Mac standalone version at this time.)

Adding this to the issue tracker.

Re: Trouble report: opening log file

Posted: 2019-07-14, 00:22
by Isengrim
So I did some testing, and it turns out that this same bug manifests on standalone ChatZilla 0.9.92 (which builds on the Firefox 35.0.1 platform), so this bug looks pretty long-standing, if somewhat obscure. I think it's an issue in the underlying platform, so I've submitted #1178 on UXP for that. I've also put in a workaround for the issue in Ambassador. It'll be in the next release.