Ambassador 1.1.0 Released

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Ambassador 1.1.0 Released

Unread post by Isengrim » 2019-01-26, 11:56

Ambassador 1.1.0 is now up. The Pale Moon add-ons page and the GitHub repository have been updated. Please see the releases page for release notes and download links to the standalone Windows and Linux versions.

This is a major release with new features and bugfixes.

New Features
  • Added support for more IRCv3 capabilities. This is an ongoing project and a major goal of Ambassador's development. Note that in order to take advantage of these capabilities, the server you are connecting to must support them.
    • SASL authentication - You can now authenticate with servers that support the PLAIN or EXTERNAL (CertFP) mechanisms. Please see this wiki page for more details on how to use SASL. You may enable this feature via the server identification settings in the preferences menu.
    • invite-notify - You will be notified when someone invites a user to a channel you have joined.
    • MONITOR - Similar to WATCH. Your notify list will be synchronized with the server for the duration of the connection, and you will be notified immediately of any online or offline changes.
    • Opportunistic encryption - A.k.a. STARTTLS. Ambassador now has the ability to upgrade an unencrypted connection to an encrypted connection. While it is generally recommended that you connect securely to a server directly via its dedicated TLS port (typically 6697), this option is available for anyone that needs it or wants to try it out. You may enable this feature via the server connection settings in the preferences menu.
    • echo-message
    • extended-join
    • account-notify
  • Added a notification to be displayed when Ambassador receives a CTCP request (e.g. PING, TIME, or VERSION) from another user.
  • Added a link for the official Ambassador IRC channel to the welcome message (client tab) and the Help menu.
  • The "Switch Text Direction" menu item has been moved from the IRC menu and the context menu to the View menu.
  • Standalone: Added an option for viewing the build configuration to the Help menu.
  • Standalone: Included the Twemoji font for better rendering of emoji.
  • Standalone: Included the devtools. When enabled, the devtools and scratchpad are both accessible from the Tools menu.
  • Standalone: Improved notifications for add-on installation in the Add-ons Manager.
  • Standalone: Updated platform to UXP 4.1.8 (Pale Moon 28.3.1).
  • Extension: Added support for the Interlink email client.
Bugfixes and Cleanup
  • Corrected the application name on desktop notifications and in the Windows sound mixer.
  • Fixed an issue with viewing SSL/TLS certificates of one network while another network is active.
  • Fixed an issue on the networks editor with entering port numbers.
  • Fixed some typos in Preferences.
  • Removed some references to old ChatZilla versions in some verbage.
  • Removed unused references to nsIAtomService.
  • Standalone: Cleaned up the installer code.
  • Extension: Fixed an issue with the window icon not displaying properly when running Ambassador from a host application using the --chat flag on Windows.
  • Extension: Fixed an issue preventing icons from showing on the extension's menu item.
Happy chatting!
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Re: Ambassador 1.1.0 Released

Unread post by Sajadi » 2019-01-26, 12:21

Thanks, nice update :)