Problem with SmartHTTPS (Jetpack extension)

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Problem with SmartHTTPS (Jetpack extension)

Unread post by baltimg » 2018-07-22, 22:40

I'm using the latest version of unstable Pale Moon 28.0.0b4, and i have a problem with Smart HTTPS (add-on SDK) extension. It works well in latest Basilisk but in latest PM it seems like https request doesn't occur.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install extension
2. Visit or and you can see that redirection doesn't happen
Thank you in advance!

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Re: Problem with SmartHTTPS (Jetpack extension)

Unread post by JustOff » 2018-07-23, 10:50

I would not recommend using this kind of extensions at all, as https forcing is known to cause issues.

PS: See also Pale Moon 28 and extensions.
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