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google news always locks up my browser

Posted: 2018-07-14, 17:38
by teaseapeaeyepee

go to ... ceid=GB:en

palemoon 28 beta 3 is non responsive for 60 seconds with a spinning wheel .

is there a monitoring or telemetry tool built in or as an addon that i can use to see what exactly happens when i reload the page ?

google news

Posted: 2018-07-14, 17:45
by teaseapeaeyepee
google news renders 28b3 non responsive .

totally locks up browser for 60 seconds spinning wheel and all 100% cpu usage.

how can i monitor what happens when i go to this page to see which part is causing the cpu usage ?

Re: google news

Posted: 2018-07-14, 18:00
by Moonchild
Loads up in a few seconds for me.
Are you using any browser extensions?

Re: google news always locks up my browser

Posted: 2018-07-14, 18:18
by Isengrim
It hangs for a few seconds for me, though I see similar behavior on 27 as well as 28 (with clean profiles). Google News is extremely javascript-heavy, so that may have something to do with it.

I see a number of CSP errors in the browser console (accessible from the Web Developer menu), but I don't think that would necessarily equate to slow loading times.

Re: google news

Posted: 2018-07-14, 18:56
by teaseapeaeyepee
yes i use extentions but i just did a clean profile and same thing happens.

i only really started getting this issue after google news changed its format the old google news worked fine .

Re: google news

Posted: 2018-07-15, 14:08
by therube
Loads rather poorly on my end; PM 27, PM28, SeaMonkey 2.49.4 (akin to FF 52).

Loads better in FF 61.

Re: google news

Posted: 2018-07-16, 17:45
by Walter Dnes
Homebrew PM28b3 takes 35 seconds to load on a 10-year-old Intel CORE2 with 3 gigs ram running 32-bit optimized Gentoo.

Re: google news

Posted: 2018-07-17, 00:22
by therube
This is rather bad, in particular when you open PM & it restores its' session & you didn't realize that google news happened to be the focused tab. (You wonder for a bit why PM isn't opening as expected, & then once if finally does, it's like, oh yeah.)