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Repo server downtime

Posted: 2023-11-18, 21:07
by Moonchild
Tomorrow, Sun Nov 19th 2023, I will be upgrading the repo server to a newer version of gitea.
This will involve some downtime, as there are some breaking changes and databases have to be migrated across.

Just a heads up that the following things will not work while down:
  • Web access to all of the repositories
  • pulling from repos via git
  • pushing new code commits via git
  • accessing/creating issues/pull requests
I don't expect this to last more than an hour or two and may be considerably less. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Re: Repo server downtime

Posted: 2023-11-20, 19:58
by Moonchild
Well this obviously didn't happen and is now scheduled for Tuesday 21 November, instead.
Same things as in the original post applies, just with a different date.

Re: Repo server downtime

Posted: 2023-11-21, 12:47
by Moonchild
I'm in the process of restoring 1.19 because (of course) the upgrade to 1.20 and even more 1.21 completely and totally broke the UI on Pale Moon. Curiously, their test instance when I checked the installation before considering the upgrade looked fine.
I mean seriously. WHY.
I think I figured it out... my bad if so.

Re: Repo server downtime

Posted: 2023-11-21, 13:32
by Moonchild
Repo server should be back up and upgraded. You may need to hard-refresh (Ctrl+F5) on first load and/or nuke your browser cache.