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[TEST] MSVC Build Tools for UXP

Posted: 2023-02-25, 18:39
by FranklinDM
Since MozillaBuild 3.x no longer has any msvc*-specific batch files, I've written a few batch files that target Visual Studio 2017 and higher (primarily tested with VS 2022). Aside from launching the appropriate VS environment, this also populates some essential variables, such as the location of the Windows SDK. They're available in this repository. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

Simply copy the files inside the /src directory into where you've installed MozillaBuild 3.x, and launch the batch file for your environment:
  • start-shell-msvc2022-x64.bat (64-bit build)
  • start-shell-msvc2022-x86.bat (32-bit build)
The following can now be used for specifying the location of the Visual C++ redist in your .mozconfig. With this, you no longer have to hardcode certain directories.
  • $VCTOOLSREDISTDIR (MSVC++ Redistributable directory)
  • $SDKDIR (Windows SDK directory)
  • $SDKVER (Windows SDK latest installed version)

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Re: [TEST] MSVC Build Tools for UXP

Posted: 2023-03-12, 17:35
by EchedeyLR
I have a little question regarding to this.

Is not MSYS2 or directly MinGW a better environment for building applications for Windows which could provide some more centralized building style making it more near how is built to the rest of (POSIX) systems?

Re: [TEST] MSVC Build Tools for UXP

Posted: 2023-03-14, 10:28
by FranklinDM
AFAIK we're already using the MSYS environment on Windows. What these batch files aim to do is initialize the MSVC-related variables and avoid having to update the mozconfig or hardcode the directories every time there's an update to the build tools or MSVC runtime itself.