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ARM-related bugfixes

Posted: 2019-10-04, 21:10
by dimag0g

I've made a couple more fixes in order to build UXP/master for Raspbian Buster. Let me know if any of these warrant a pull request.

1. Replaced calls to undefined functions "isMarkable" and "toMarkablePointer" with calls to "isGCThing" / "toGCThing".

2. Added a missing template definition for type "unsigned char". Without a definition, template functions used in a different compilation unit result in a linker error as explained here. In this case, the call site is in "gfxTextRun::SetSpaceGlyph".

Re: ARM-related bugfixes

Posted: 2019-10-04, 22:14
by New Tobin Paradigm
We can take the first one, no problem. I don't know about the effect of the second so it may have to be ifdef'd to arm. Moonchild would know.

Please open up a couple of issues and ask. Please don't submit PRs yet, use issues and read the contribution guidelines.

Re: ARM-related bugfixes

Posted: 2019-10-05, 19:59
by dimag0g
Regarding the second change, the usual solution is to put template definition in a header file instead of the .cpp, so that template definitions are available in every compilation unit that uses them. That would be a more substantial change (especially if done for all template functions), but the advantage is that template functions are automatically defined for any type they are used with.