Warnings about building yourself

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Warnings about building yourself

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-11-15, 20:06

Since people are in output mode lately again, let me not respond to individual posts but make this announcement.

Warnings about building from source yourself:
  1. If you build from source, only build from release branches and tagged commits if you want to have a known-good state. Using any other commit is at your own risk and may give you a terrible experience.
  2. The master branch and tip of it (development edge) can be broken at any point in time for an unspecified amount of time. this includes unusable binaries, unstable binaries, build bustage and builds that eat your profile or do other unsavory things.
  3. Do not inform us that the master branch doesn't build - rest assured we will be aware of it and you're wasting your and our time reporting it.
  4. In principle you will have no support for home-brewed builds on unspecified systems/with unspecified environments/configurations. You will be on your own.
  5. Don't use system libs. Seriously, just don't. The only known-good libs are those in our source tree; don't be fooled by it working on simple/small applications because we are not and the balance is very precarious when dealing with our size of code base organically grown over decades.
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