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Pale Moon 28 release completely disable telemetry by default?

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Pale Moon 28 release completely disable telemetry by default?

Post by win7-7 » 2018-08-15, 07:42 ... ences.html

toolkit.telemetry.unified is true by default in Pale Moon 28 beta 5.

toolkit.telemetry.enabled is false but if unified is on this disables extended data recording only.

Telemetry is always enabled and recording base data.


Shouldn't default for Pale Moon 28 release when it's released to be switch unified setting to false so it doesn't record base data?

I checked about:telemetry earlier and some data was recorded in beta 5 about state of e10s and various other data recordings like graphics driver startup test before I switched toolkit.telemetry.unified;false after this there is nothing collected at all in about:telemetry.
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Re: Pale Moon 28 release completely disable telemetry by default?

Post by Moonchild » 2018-08-15, 07:57

Nothing is reported anywhere, so don't worry about it. (telemetry reporting is disabled at build time). it may still record some basics but will never send that data anywhere.
Removing telemetry will be done over time.
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Re: Pale Moon 28 release completely disable telemetry by default?

Post by laozi » 2018-08-23, 11:34

after the update of version 27 to 28, I noticed that the "prefs" file in the "profiles" folder was steadily gaining weight !
After searching, I found in the windows firewall an "exit" authorization for Pale Moon!
so I removed this permission from the firewall and also deleted the many report lines in the prefs file,
moreover, I modified in about:config the line "toolkit.telemetry.unified" on false
since the "prefs" file hasn't increased by a kb!
I specify that I am fully satisfied with this new version, speed and compatibility with websites,
Win 7 32b and 9-year-old computer !
Congratulations to the entire Pale Moon team. :thumbup: