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Issues with twitter-feature/"moments" at

Posted: 2021-09-12, 16:35
by Hummingbird
They were supported on explorer, but when that page required to switch to another browser (I've used Basilisk in that case), I'm able to view my prev. listed posts but "new moment" isn't working if clicked as button there. My current version of Basilisk being version "2021.07.19", while the same issue appeared in lower versions too & in case of the device's details, it's a windows8.1-laptop.

Even no button seems to be available at posts to add them, while editing a saved but not published moment of 2020 results in an error-massage "try again later", refreshing its page won't solve it either. I guess that I've used Basilisk since only this browser got supported, so I didn't test if "twitter moments" would work on Basilisk in general.

I can see the menu for my created lists, with banner, title, descr., date, etc. still neither posting a new moment, nor editing some of them, sounds able for now but happened since a while ago than just recently.

Re: Issues with twitter-feature/"moments" at

Posted: 2021-09-13, 12:51
by Moonchild
You should report something this service specific to the service provider (i.e. Twitter)
We can't do anything with this report.