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Making themes and personas for Basilisk/Serpent

Posted: 2021-04-04, 14:02
by arborsexual
First a little praise:

Took me about a day to get Basilisk (rebranded Serpent) installed on my Gentoo system. Edited an ebuild from the booboo overlay so I would build the latest release, immediately got a crash course on how eclasses work, figured out that one of the useflags was causing issues, then finally figured out there was a "patch" on the booboo ebuild that was causing issues, and then finally success. Ok, the success wasn't exactly immediate. Even with /var/tmp/portage on a tmpfs, an 880k Anthlon X4 takes a good long while to compile programs of this size. BUT, after really using Serpent this weekend, I have to say it was worth it! :clap:

I've been using Seamonkey for the longest time (I used to actually use the built in email and IRC clients, and then just got used to the layout and stuck around even after I stopped using those functions), and didn't realize how bad I was treating myself. CPU usage is down, and I can use Serpent while BOINC is running without any stutters. Moving all my passwords and bookmarks over is going to be a bit of a pain, but you got a convert here.

I did notice the themes and personas for Basilisk/Serpent are pretty lacking in variety. Is there a guide or how-to or such for constructing a theme/persona that would point me in the right direction?

Re: Making themes and personas for Basilisk/Serpent

Posted: 2021-04-04, 18:26
by coffeebreak
This may help:
Tutorials/Howtos -> "How to: Create a Complete Theme"

For info...
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Re: Making themes and personas for Basilisk/Serpent

Posted: 2021-04-05, 02:40
by jobbautista9
For personas, they are very easy to create. You can find the guide to creating personas at

You can even use animated images for your persona, but you will have to enable an about:config preference to enable animations in personas. Just don't use a too large animated image though, you're going to slow down the browser if you do that...