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Passwords don't show

Posted: 2021-01-12, 22:30
by Dbock1
I use 2021.01.05 (64-bit) and have seen no passwords in the list (about:preferences#security#SavedLogons

OS: Win10 20H2
How to fix?

Thanks, Don

Re: Passwords don't show

Posted: 2021-01-13, 11:12
by Moonchild
Looks fine to me. See attach.

Did you upgrade from a VERY OLD version of Basilisk, perhaps? In that case, you may have an issue that the old database format was not converted. The latest version of Basilisk no longer supports the legacy database format.
To solve this you should upgrade to a slightly older version of Basilisk first (a so-called "watershed") that can convert the old database, then to the latest version.

Re: Passwords don't show

Posted: 2021-01-13, 11:30
by New Tobin Paradigm
If you still have a copy of the profile that is else you may be screwed. Remember, profiles are one-way only as documented here: