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Compact theme missing

Posted: 2020-02-14, 15:01
by Guastardo
Hi! I knew the Basilisk project long since but only recently I'm maturing the idea of using it.
The first thing I noticed is the lack of the compact themes (as showed in the attached image), both white and black colored; it is intended, or there is an issue with latest release? (I'm using 2020.02.06 x64 on Win 10). And even if it's intended, there is a way to (re)enable them, possibly without installing addons (perhaps editing some files)?

I searched for an already answered question about this but I didn't find one.
Thank you in advance ;)

Re: Compact theme missing

Posted: 2020-02-14, 15:25
by Moonchild
Basilisk comes with one theme. The later "compact theme" additions to Firefox are not part of Basilisk.
You are, of course, free to get other full themes for it :)
Unfortunately the pickings for that are still very slim (only photonic is available for Basilisk as of right now) but perhaps you or others in need of more themeing can expand the selection.

Re: Compact theme missing [SOLVED]

Posted: 2020-02-15, 13:35
by Guastardo
Duh, I didn't noticed the apposite site section with that theme! :problem: Thanks, photonic it's perfect to me, and I like "the lesser the better" approach, with a slim base but freely customizable according to each needs.

For the possible future inattentive (like me) people, in seek for the compact theme: Link. :oops:

Now, I've see that you dropped at all Webextensions, maybe not the most "comfy" thing from the user's point of view, but if this the price for a really free legacy-compatible browser one can (me for sure) gladly live with it.
Even if I used something else, knowing that a browser like Palemoon exists - which can be considered a "safe haven" - was/is a reassuring fact. Later I discovered Basilisk, and I think is perfect for my needs.
Many compliments to you for your projects and also to all the contributors, category to which I would like to belong, if I weren't a total illiterate regarding coding.