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Basilisk update 2019.03.27

Posted: 2019-03-27, 11:56
by Moonchild
Basilisk has been updated to v2019.03.27

This is a development and security release.
  • Added several site-specific overrides for web compatibility.
  • Aligned http "Accept:" headers with the fetch spec, with the exception of image requests to continue allowing content negotiation.
  • Fixed potential denial-of-service issues involving FTP (loading of subresources and spamming errors).
  • Aligned URLSearchParams with the spec.
  • Fixed a corner case for flexbox layouts, improving rendering of some websites.
  • Fixed Widevine compatibility issues. Netflix will still prefer Silverlight (which will probably give you better visual quality anyway than Google's bandwidth-squeezing EME) unless you change the useragent override to "Firefox/60.0". Other websites requiring EME DRM should currently work again.
  • Fixed security issues: CVE-2019-9791, CVE-2019-9792, CVE-2019-9796, CVE-2019-9801, CVE-2019-9793, CVE-2019-9794, CVE-2019-9808, CVE-2019-9790, CVE-2019-9797, CVE-2019-9804 and ZDI-CAN-8368.
  • Fixed several memory safety hazards and crashes.
  • Windows binaries are now code-signed again (including the setup program for the installer).