Killjasmin not working anymore

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Killjasmin not working anymore

Post by Herb_ » 2019-02-19, 11:31

First off, I'm new to this forum, although I read it quite some time already.
I've no clue about all the internal programming stuff about extensions or browsers, so bare with me if I express some irrelevant crap the wrong way.

Now, I'm using Killjasmin since ages with success and even someone build me an extended version (2015), which covers also page titles for those buggars which hide their enerving crap under their own domain.
Both versions don't work anymore under the new Basilisk.

Strange facts:
- They are listed as ordinary extension in the add-on manager pane and also their content is editable, but they do not work as if not existing.
- Both versions apear in extensions.ini under [MultiprocessIncompatibleExtensions]

The original was created in 2011, how the heck has that to do with web-extension stuff :?

I had altogether 12 extensions being wiped by the new Basilisk version, however most have been replaced by older versions, others by replacements, but this one is dead end. I know I can do the job with scripts and rules in other extensions but missing entirely the simplicity of handling.

Someone of more knowledge than me willing to look into this?