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onaddstream is deprecated

Posted: 2019-01-05, 22:30
by tincup
I am having issues with gmail + hangouts when it comes to making and receiving calls. I turned on console log and found this error:

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onaddstream is deprecated! Use peerConnection.ontrack instead. 1 m=inmolecalling:934
I am currently looking into whether or not I can circumvent this somehow, or if it would require something more from the dev team.
Any input is appreciated!


Re: onaddstream is deprecated

Posted: 2019-01-08, 00:19
by tincup
As I look into this more, I see the error is due to these websites using outdated WebRTC calls in their javascript files.
This does not explain why FireFox does not report the error, or why the services continue to work on the latest FF.

My only guesses are FF uses an older WebRTC, or they have written something to handle the errors?

Re: onaddstream is deprecated

Posted: 2019-01-08, 04:08
by Isengrim
I suspect it's the other way around - WebRTC is not a primary focus for the Pale Moon developers and the current implementation is likely much older than the one used by Firefox. Firefox's version may be handling these issues more gracefully (or swallowing them).

Re: onaddstream is deprecated

Posted: 2019-01-08, 08:08
by Moonchild
They may have undeprecated it, or (more likely) are actually using a Google module now to handle WebRTC.
Or it's possible that Hangouts uses more up to date code for Firefox (that they should also use for us) because of UA sniffing.

Re: onaddstream is deprecated

Posted: 2019-01-10, 16:01
by tincup
Thanks for the more knowledgeable replies. While I'd love to see WebRTC resolved at some point (if that is the case and it is not a googlized module now), even with this error, I've been happy to use Basilisk as my primary browser. Thanks for the hard work.

It's been great using plugins that can actually do something interesting again.