Twitch 5 (Alternate player for twitch)

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Twitch 5 (Alternate player for twitch)

Post by torrent » 2019-01-02, 16:33

I watch a lot of twitch, especially on my laptop and I love this extension ... /twitch_5/. I had found that for whatever reason using waterfox based on FF56 kept my laptop fans quieter than current FF or chrome.

I'm not very knowledgeable on the differences between waterfox and Basilisk except that they use a different core version of firefox, but I wanted to give Basilisk a try since I've enjoyed palemoon for many years.

for some reason though, the twitch 5 extension will never auto start when opening a stream like it does on other browsers. Tried toggling off/on and restarting browser, but it still does not work. It can be manually started and works

is there something simple I'm missing or does basilisk not allow some functionality the extension requires to auto start?


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Re: Twitch 5 (Alternate player for twitch)

Post by harktu » 2019-01-16, 22:18

did you check that setting?

media.autoplay.enabled false

change it to true if its false