How to restore: Status Bar / Addon Bar

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How to restore: Status Bar / Addon Bar

Unread post by Hoopy » 2018-12-26, 13:41


The Status Bar (Addon Bar) is absent in Basilisk.
Is there an option in "About:Config" to restore it?
It would be nice if it is present by default.

The "Addon Bar (restored)” no longer exists. ... addon-bar/

I found a version on my Hard Disk (attached).

I have no idea what the FF team are thinking from the UI changes to removing all the older addons from their website.

Addon Bar (restored)
(28.43 KiB) Downloaded 56 times

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Re: How to restore: Status Bar / Addon Bar

Unread post by Legacy Collector » 2018-12-26, 14:01

Try status-4-evar.
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Re: How to restore: Status Bar / Addon Bar

Unread post by coffeebreak » 2018-12-26, 18:33

I second the suggestion for status-4-evar.

Both extensions can be found via the Classic Add-ons Archive (see also its forum topic), and apparently there will be other venues in future to find such add-ons, read through this thread.

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Re: How to restore: Status Bar / Addon Bar

Unread post by Smokey20 » 2018-12-28, 08:22

I use Extended Status Bar on Basilisk and Fx 52.9 ESR.

If you ever used the original Opera browser, Extended Statusbar is very similar to Opera's builtin status bar. My favorite extension would not work past Fx 1.5 many years ago until Fx 4 when the developer finally had it ready. So, I switched my default browser to Opera during Fx 2 and 3. One of the things I loved about Opera was its builtin status bar that, for me at least, was so informative of the things I wanted to know about. The other extensions mentioned in this thread in no way resembled the outstanding original Opera status bar so for me I was thrilled to find Extended Statusbar. Which status bar you decide on depends on what you want in the status bar.

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