"Show Cookies" dialog displays no cookies

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"Show Cookies" dialog displays no cookies

Unread post by griss » 2018-12-25, 12:16

I am using Basilisk 2018.12.18 on Windows 7. When I selected "Show Cookies" under Preferences>Privacy>History in the middle of sessions, the popup dialog did not display any cookies. I understand some or all of running cookies stored on computer should have been present and displayed for inspection by the user while sessions were running under Basilisk.

Previously, under History, I have set Basilisk to "use custom settings for history". I also selected the following:
(a) remember my browsing and download history,
(b) remember search and form history,
(c) allow sites to store cookies and site data, and
(i) "Always" accept third parties cookies and site data,
(ii) keep until: "I close Basilisk".

I would be grateful if anyone could please advise how I should proceed to make the cookies displayed and visible when I press "Show Cookies". Thank you in advance.

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