Theme issue with Basilisk

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Theme issue with Basilisk

Unread post by Gorlash » 2018-11-13, 01:48

One of the *big* reasons that I wanted to get Basilisk working, is that I've dreamed of returning to the days when there were all those wonderful themes that were available for it. Most have *long* since working on any Firefox or clones, and unfortunately, I couldn't seem to get most of them to work with Pale Moon either; it was just too old...

However, Basilisk is exactly the right version for them, and I'm enjoying using some of the old themes again... but I'm having a problem with one of my old favorites - Sky Pilot Classic. It is such a beauty !! However, of course, support for it has *long* since vanished.

The issue that I'm having with it, is on the Bookmarks menu - it draws the website icons (aka favicons) in all different sizes !!
I'm including an example of part of the menu, below, for your amusement...

Now, again, I realize that this is a theme issue, not actually a Basilisk issue, but I'm hoping that someone here will have some idea of something I can do to fix this issue... for example, maybe there is some setting somewhere in Basilisk/Firefox, to force those icons to a default size or something?? Unfortunately, I don't have *any* experience building/maintaining Firefox themes/extensions.

Definitely not a high priority, nor will it keep me from using SPC, but if anyone has suggestions, I'd be grateful to hear them!!
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