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FXChrome 52 Theme

Post by zirii » 2018-09-06, 11:40

Hello everybody,

I was using Firefox ESR 52.9.0 before and I'm using Basilisk to extend the time of XUL availability a bit. I was using a full theme in ESR, it's called "FXChrome" (version 52).
it installed pretty well in Basilisk and it was looking good. I didn't think it might cause a problem. However, after a while, I realized Basilisk suddenly crashed or simply disappeared when browsing to some websites. After some analyzes and disabling all other addons, I came to the conclusion that the cause of the crashes was this very theme.

The Link to the theme is here:
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo ... version-52

To make myself clear: this theme works perfectly fine at the first glimpse. But after surfing to some sites, Basilisk suddenly disappears/crashes without error messages. I suspect iframes with html5/video containers on that sites might be a reason.
However, I can't tell what it is. There is no error log and the Browser just disappears.

I wanted to fix this theme so it doesn't crash Basilisk on some sites. But I have no idea how to get the information why it crashes - no logs or anything.

Could you please tell me either how to find out what causes the problems or how to fix this theme for Basilisk?

I want to add an URL where this problem happens:
--> https://apina.biz/167011 (be warned, there might be some random NSFW content when you visit).

I didn't find any errors specific to the FXchrome theme/extension in the Browsers "error console". However there is no doubt that this theme is the reason for the crash. Enable/Disable the theme, visit the URL, you will see it crashes / doesn't crash depending on the theme.
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