bug in basilisk for facebook emotions/ reactions

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bug in basilisk for facebook emotions/ reactions

Post by vsrawat » 2018-08-09, 17:03

When I use facebook in basilisk,
and I click on Like icon, it become blue indicating that like has recorded.

but if I hover on Like icon for more emotions to appear (Love, Sad, wow, etc.) that box appear after some time.

But If I click on some icon there, that is not recorded that way, rather - as there is a name of previous people having liked/ reacted to that post, my mouse click is suppossed to have clicked a name on that list, and that goes ahead opening a window showing list of people who have previously LIked/ reacted.

that wastes time, there is no way to prevent that from opening by pressing esc or something, and when it fully opens after a long time, then we have to click x to close it.

That is surely a basilisk specific bug, because that doesn't happen like this in any other browser I have used so far.

Please attend to this bug.