Basilisk 2018.04.24

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Basilisk 2018.04.24

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-04-24, 12:20

Basilisk v2018.04.24 has been released.

Please note that this is an important change from previous versions because we are now, with this version, on the final incarnation of UXP that will be carried from here forward as a basis for Basilisk, Pale Moon, and a few other spinoffs at least that people are looking into.

Because its internal version number has changed and the way extensions are handled internally, you may get some notifications that extensions are incompatible. Installing the same version anew will solve this in most cases.
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Re: Basilisk 2018.04.24

Unread post by BrowserUser » 2018-04-25, 17:12

I am a user who does not believe every browser should look like Chromium or Google's Chrome. I happen to like a navigation bar that has buttons with lables, a status bar and the abililty to add and customize toolbars. Mozilla, however, seems to agree with Microsoft and Google way and believes it knows "best" and that "best" is not to allow me to do so. When will they learn?

As a heavy user of extensions, I want to thank you for developing Basilisk and Pale Moon browsers and giving me a choice.

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