Basilisk's nature (a small clarification)

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Basilisk's nature (a small clarification)

Unread postby Moonchild » Fri, 20 Apr 2018, 15:48

Since there is still some confusion about Basilisk and where it stands in relation to our efforts, let me try to clarify:

  • Basilisk should be seen as a "reference application" for the developing UXP platform. It is not, and will not be, a successor, replacement, or anything else in relation to Pale Moon.
  • Because of this nature as a reference application, it is marked as being in a perpetual "beta" state, considering it can and will have the occasional stability issues as the platform is worked on.
  • Because of this nature, it should also be made clear that some features of basilisk may change or be removed, depending on how UXP develops as an independent platform for XUL-based applications. This means that "Firefox-isms" (meaning features or implementations unique to Firefox that don't benefit any other application) may end up on the chopping block or being changed to be more broadly-usable by other applications of the platform.
  • As such, Basilisk, as an application, will change. The balance required for the platform will affect the applications that build on it.
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