Don't understand the difference between Basilisk & Pale Moon

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Re: Don't understand the difference between Basilisk & Pale Moon

Unread postby ZachTrainor » Sat, 07 Apr 2018, 21:31

New Tobin Paradigm wrote:Basilisk is NOT the future.. Basilisk is NOT replacing Pale Moon.. Get that damned notion out of your heads right now.. Pale Moon will continue as always.. Independent of whatever happens with Basilisk.

Thank you, New Tobin Paradigm, re-assuring to know, I appreciate it.

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Re: Don't understand the difference between Basilisk & Pale Moon

Unread postby gracious1 » Sun, 08 Apr 2018, 18:49

adesh wrote:
Thehandyman1957 wrote:So now we'll have two trucks (browsers). One like we all love (PM) with some new benefits of a newer chassis (UXP) and Basilisk with the newer body (browser) style on the same new chassis (UXP).
You got it! That analogy is perfect. Future readers, who want explanation in layman terms, should be redirected to your post. :thumbup:

I like that analogy, too!
You may also find the diagram that Moonchild drew useful as well, to show how the pieces fit together, so to speak:

Also, I had on another thread collected together a bunch of links which you may also find useful for understanding Basilisk, Pale Moon, UXP, etc.

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