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Firefox sync not working

Posted: 2017-12-07, 12:36
by CitoplasmaC
Hi everyone.

After installing Basilisk i have seen that firefox sync does not working and then i have read a post from mozilla that they update firefox sync for new versions and was not retrocompatible.

I have thought we should build your own sync server for Basilisk. ... c-1.5.html ... to-run-fxa

Re: Firefox sync not working

Posted: 2017-12-07, 14:03
by coffeebreak
Looks like FF Sync is supposed to be possible. See here:
A SSUAO for the relevant Mozilla servers might be all that's needed to have it behave properly.

Re: Firefox sync not working

Posted: 2017-12-08, 10:35
by coffeebreak
Instructions on setting a user agent override to enable logging into a Firefox account and using FF sync are in this post.

Re: Firefox sync not working

Posted: 2017-12-16, 13:33
by rodndtube
I am enjoying Basilisk more and more everyday and I do want to sync my bookmarks between my laptop and desktop. My question is, "Does Basilisk end up syncing my bookmarks across my Firefox v55.0.3 on desktop and laptop and my Basilisk installations? If so, has this process been stable or am I at risk of losing my bookmarks?

Re: Firefox sync not working

Posted: 2017-12-16, 14:23
by Moonchild
If you want to use Firefox Sync or "Firefox accounts", then you should consider keeping separate accounts for Firefox and Basilisk at this time. We cannot guarantee Sync compatibility with Mozilla's service will not be interrupted or not have bugs.

Re: Firefox sync not working

Posted: 2017-12-19, 19:34
by rodndtube
This message appears which indicates to me that my actual Firefox will merge with my Basilisk bookmarks. The message below is in relation to setting up a "Firefox Sync" with an email not used on my Firefox sync accounts.

"Are you sure you want to sign in to Sync?

A different user was previously signed in to Sync on this computer. Signing in will merge this browser’s bookmarks, passwords and other settings with"

I don't have a account in Firefox.