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About Basilisk updates

Posted: 2017-12-02, 09:10
by Moonchild
As some of you may have realized, Basilisk updates are automatic (by default) and the browser will automatically update itself. This doesn't necessarily get announced on the forum or elsewhere, because Basilisk will be a "rolling release" type as UXP gets developed. Internally we do keep some milestone goals to solve bugs against, for proper prioritization of issues, but that doesn't necessarily translate 1:1 to publications.

Published builds will be tagged in the source tree with "vYYYY.MM.DD" and indicated in our release notes on -- other tags in the source tree are used internally and are not official publication commits. Therefore, if you plan to maintain a package distro for Linux, only use the vYYYY.MM.DD commits to build from source, and make sure to disable the internal updater if you plan to use the package manager/repository to provide updates. Binary redistribution in unaltered form on Linux is also an option, but be aware that updates will not work unless you have installed Basilisk in a user-writable location.