Importing Exceptions Cookie List from Pale Moon?

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Importing Exceptions Cookie List from Pale Moon?

Post by Smokey20 » 2017-11-28, 10:40

Since Mozilla stopped allowing us to manage cookies except in a very gross manner (by killing Ask Me), I have simply stopped accepting cookies and just use the exceptions list that I have in all my gecko browsers including Pale Moon. The list in Pale Moon goes back about 5 years and I rarely go to a site that is not in the exceptions list. If I do, I simply enter the site into the Exceptions list (if the site refuses to work without cookies) and designate Accept cookies always, never, or session only. (Of course, I block all third party cookies always exceptions ever to that).

I've forgotten how to import/export that list. I want to import it to Basilick. Can anyone tell me how?

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Re: Importing Exceptions Cookie List from Pale Moon?

Post by coffeebreak » 2017-11-28, 11:41

One way is to copy permissions.sqlite from your Pale Moon profile to your Basilisk profile:

Open both browsers, open the respective profile folders (Help -> Troubleshooting Information -> Show Folder).
Close both browsers but leave the profile windows/directories open. Copy the file over.
Just be aware that this file has all your permissions, pop-ups etc., so you'll get the lot.
Also just to mention -- Pale Moon and Basilisk have some differences in how cookie permissions are handled, but I just tried this and it seemed to work fine.

If you want just cookie permissions, use a cookie manager extension such as Cookiekeeper or Cookie Controller that allow for importing/exporting cookie permissions.