A couple of addons I'd like to work...

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A couple of addons I'd like to work...

Post by Giraffe » 2017-11-21, 10:16

One is TMP, as mentioned in another thread.

The other, more important now, is Basic Bookmarks:
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo ... s-for-ff3/

Having imported Bookmarks from PM, they are in Unsorted Bookmarks, so using the Close Folders button in the sidebar also closes that folder as well.
Basic Bookmarks allows me to put the bookmarks in the root, so that there are no higher folders showing - BM Toolbar, Menu and Other folders are hidden.

Edit @ 10:21: just changed the high version of Fx in the .rdf to 56.0 and it installed with no trouble and immediately the BMs are all present and correct!
Together with Sidebar Bookmarks Search Plus the bookmarks are much easier to use.
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