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Will Basilisk have {feature x}?

Posted: 2017-10-31, 19:05
by Moonchild
Since there have been a few threads already asking this question, let me state once more clearly what is also on the website:

This browser is a close twin to pre-Servo Firefox in how it operates.

So in general:
"Will basilisk support/have {feature X}?" - "Does Mozilla Firefox from early 2017 support/have {feature x}? If so, then yes. If not, then no."

It will look and operate much like a pre-Servo version of Mozilla Firefox, as Basilisk's application code is very close to it.

Obvious exceptions are a few things that require specific commercial partnerships like Google Safebrowsing, and things that are Mozilla infrastructure specific like healthreport, crash reporting and telemetry, as well as bundled third-party fluff like Pocket, Firefox screenshots and similar.