Basilisk Branding No Longer In Repo

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Basilisk Branding No Longer In Repo

Unread post by Basilisk-Dev » 2022-10-02, 20:31

Per Issue #36 in the Basilisk repo I have removed the Basilisk branding from the Basilisk repo. It is now in a private git repo. I have given 2 trusted people (they know who they are) access to the repo so that in case something were to happen to me it would not be completely lost.

If anyone has a valid reason to build with the official branding please contact me via PM here on the forum to gain access to the private git repo. For everyone else, you can build with the unofficial branding.

I'm sorry if this change is going to inconvenience anyone, but it's the easiest way I see to prevent people from distributing unofficial builds of Basilisk with the official branding.
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