Basilisk 2021.04.27 released

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Basilisk 2021.04.27 released

Unread post by Moonchild » 2021-04-27, 18:49

This is a development, bugfix and security update.
  • Enabled the scrollbar-width CSS keyword by default.
  • Removed unit restriction on SVG width and height attributes.
  • Implemented prefers-color-scheme CSS keyword (defaults to "light").
  • Added CSS values smooth, high-quality and pixelated to the image-rendering keyword.
  • Implemented Intl.NumberFormat.formatToParts() to allow deconstruction of localized number formats by scripts.
  • Reinstated the dom.details_element.enabled preference and fixed a rendering issue with summary/details html elements.
  • Fixed an issue with CSP .nonce attributes on elements.
  • Added port restrictions for WebRTC PeerConnections to prevent network abuse through WebRTC connections.
  • Fixed an overflow in clip paths, potentially causing them to be rendered incorrectly.
  • Added a warning to opening from history if it would spawn many new tabs.
  • Fixed forcing an icon type image even for invalid icons in search plugins.
  • Security issues addressed: CVE-2021-23986, CVE-2021-23981 and defense-in-depth fixes for CVE-2021-29946, CVE-2021-23994, several crashes and potential document parser confusion.
  • Unified XUL Platform Mozilla Security Patch Summary: 2 fixed, 5 defense-in-depth, 21 not applicable.
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Re: Basilisk 2021.04.27 released

Unread post by Ysveltel » 2021-05-04, 17:39

Thank you very much :D :thumbup:

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