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HiDPI setting and the FossaMail replacement

Posted: 2019-04-20, 16:17
by hitokage
Moderator note: post edited for clarity and to reduce reported PA wording.

I wanted to mention this here in case anyone else doesn't like the default setting in Interlink using a display with the DPI set to anything above 100%. If you think everything looks too small you need to change the setting layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from the default of 1.0 to -1.0 (that's negative/minus 1.0). This makes it follow the system DPI setting (aka automatic).

Re: HiDPI setting and the FossaMail replacement

Posted: 2019-06-03, 21:40
by Bilbo47
This setting controls the font size of UI elements like the menus, Folder Pane, and list of messages headers. However other settings *also* control the font size of message bodies. Here are some/the other settings which influence the font size displayed in the Message Pane and in the message window/tab, in order of priority/precedence.

1. Whatever font size is specified in HTML tags in messages formatted with HTML. This does not apply to messages formatted as plain text. This is not a setting, but exists separately in each message and overrides the settings.

2. Edit>Preferences>Display>Formatting>Fonts & Colors>Advanced>Fonts & Encodings>Minimum font size.
3. Edit>Preferences>Display>Formatting>Fonts & Colors>Advanced>Fonts & Encodings>Proportional Size and Monospace Size.
4. Edit>Preferences>Display>Formatting>Fonts & Colors>Size. This is linked with number 3.

5. View>Zoom>In / Ctrl++ or >Out / Ctrl+-. This is a temporary setting, applies to both HTML and text, and persists only as long as that message window/tab remains open.