fossamail thunderbird extension installation issue...

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Rob Scouse

fossamail thunderbird extension installation issue...

Post by Rob Scouse » 2018-02-18, 21:20

Hello Pale Moon Forum Members,
Let me preface this POST by saying I am new to Pale Moon , Fossamail, but have used Thunderbird,Firefox without major problems,crashes....
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that being said...I would like to know how I may install thunderbird (or firefox?) extensions in Fossamail (or Pale Moon browser??)??
There seems to be no way of installing said thunderbird extensions from the extension is there a way of "manually" installing the "xpi" extension files downloaded from FF,Thunderbird extension website?? :?: :?: :?:

I appreciate any,all replies!

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Re: fossamail thunderbird extension installation issue...

Post by andy80 » 2018-02-19, 01:29

I think one possibility for FM is to download the xpi files for thunderbird, open the add-on manager in FM, click on the gear, and then choose "Install Add-on from File...".

Anyway, what is the problem with searching the add-ons directly from the add-on manager of FM?


Re: fossamail thunderbird extension installation issue...

Post by Thehandyman1957 » 2018-02-19, 02:00

Not sure what add on's your wanting to use but I have a few from Thunderbird that work just fine.
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