A sad farewell to Fossamail...

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This board is for people who continue to use FossaMail, whether the last official build or later unofficial (private) builds. Exchange ideas, tips, etc. -- users helping users.
No official support will be provided here, this is purely for those who continue using FossaMail for as long as it's still viable.
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A sad farewell to Fossamail...

Unread post by Rickkins » 2017-05-22, 11:40

I was a recent convert to Fossamail, so I haven't used it for long.

That said, for the time I did use it, I found it to be a solid performer.

It will be missed.

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Re: A sad farewell to Fossamail...

Unread post by ron_1 » 2017-05-22, 13:22

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Re: A sad farewell to Fossamail...

Unread post by lyceus » 2017-05-23, 04:41

Maybe it's not a farewell...

I moved this post to FossaMail user area since you can download the binaries. Like with Pale Moon for Android, some people made an update to the program now and then. So updates to Fossamail are not a real "rise of the grave" neither "the news about my dead are exaggerated"... more like "We will send you the replacement part ASAP". Some days miracles can happen. ;)

So to anybody that need Fossamail binaries, this is the subforum to look for! :mrgreen: