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JavaScript Bug.

Posted: 2020-08-03, 16:52
by Searching_
Hi. I'm using Pale Moon 28.11.0 (Stable), And it crashes when I use some interactive websites mostly implementing JavaScript. I'm using Debian 10+LXDE.

Reproducing The Problem :
When I go to (A very heavy website), It prompts me for login. I enter my credentials then I click OK. It begins loading the dashboard and slows down the crashes (The Window just disappears instantly).

Does anyone has the same problem with other heavy websites or this is just because my system is buggy.

CPU: ARM Cortex-A53
RAM: ~1GB.
OS: Debian 10 Stable.

Re: JavaScript Bug.

Posted: 2020-08-04, 00:37
by coffeebreak
Please provide an example (with link) that can be tested by others without being logged into an account.

Re: JavaScript Bug.

Posted: 2020-08-04, 01:04
by moonbat
I use Duolingo and it works fine.

Re: JavaScript Bug.

Posted: 2020-08-04, 03:27
by Isengrim
OP: does the issue persist in Safe Mode or with a new temporary profile?

Re: JavaScript Bug.

Posted: 2020-08-04, 07:03
by Moonchild
Considering your architecture is ARM, it's an unofficial build and you may also want to ask whomever has built it. We don't officially support ARM as an architecture at this time.