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Lots of bugs loading various websites

Posted: 2020-04-25, 13:04
by aegis

I wanna report some annoying bugs I'm affected loading some web-pages.

Everything tested running the Pale Moon "safe mode ", with all settings resetted by default.

OS: Manjaro Linux x64 , but if I remember well, also on Windows 7 32 bit (not completely sure about Windows).
DE: XFCE 4.14.
Network service: NetworkManager.service (systemd)

Custom DNS ipv4 servers:

Code: Select all

# OpenNic 00 IPV4 nameservers
Let's start: : simply the site doesn't load. A blank page instead the website. : you can't load pop-upped videos: an "unknown error" message is showed instead. Try to load the videos in this page as example

An annoying issue: when I put on standby my PC, and I return into my session with Pale Moon opened, and I try to load the site that have a custom useragent ( general.useragent.override.websitename ), these pages don't load, except duckduckgo when I use the safe mode. I have to close and re-open pale moon for load these websites when I return from a PC standby.

Re: Lots of bugs loading various websites

Posted: 2020-04-25, 14:27
by therube
Both working fine on my end (Windows, & without messing with any DNS settings).
(Your [hot]link to is incorrect.)

On, AFAIK, if you're not logged in, then you can only play shorter video clips (perhaps it's something like <= 10 minutes).
But that (death metal, is it) Nazare clip (popped up &) played just fine.

Restart PM into Safe Mode & see if that changes anything.
If not, then as a test, create a new, clean Profile & verify that both sites work correctly there.

Re: Lots of bugs loading various websites

Posted: 2020-04-25, 15:24
by aegis
It was my profile
I'll create a new one!

Cheers :D