28.8.0 (build error --with-system-libevent)

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28.8.0 (build error --with-system-libevent)

Post by biopsin » 2019-12-17, 10:56

just what to report Pale Moon 28.8.0 fail if --with-system-libevent is set.
before line 148 a missing elif in ../ipc/chromium/moz.build

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    LOCAL_INCLUDES += ['src/third_party/libevent/linux']
and also a missing indent (space) @ the line 142 infront SOURCES +=

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if os_solaris:
    SOURCES += [
Thank you again for all the hard work you have put into this !!
A token of my appreciation is on it's way :thumbup:
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Re: 28.8.0 (build error --with-system-libevent)

Post by vannilla » 2019-12-17, 18:45

Well, building with system libraries is not supported, so you shouldn't really do that.
Of course it's not wrong to report this bug, just know that if you are going to use a build compiled with system libraries, you will not receive any support in case of issues.

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Re: 28.8.0 (build error --with-system-libevent)

Post by athenian200 » 2019-12-17, 23:31

Well, this is embarrassing. I didn't notice that missing fourth space because it still builds fine and includes the sources for me even without it. It's uneven and looks wrong, though. All the humans finding my typos months after the fact is a little awkward. I must look like the sloppiest programmer alive. Oh, well...

As for that LOCAL_INCLUDES thing, that oversight is because I never bothered testing it with system libraries since it was my understanding that we would never need to use those. I definitely need to add that fourth space, but I'm not sure whether I need to fix building with system libraries or not.
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Re: 28.8.0 (build error --with-system-libevent)

Post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-12-17, 23:36

Fix the indent error. As for the systemlib bit, put that in the category of if you care enough to then do it if not, then don't.
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Re: 28.8.0 (build error --with-system-libevent)

Post by Tony0945 » 2019-12-19, 18:20

Thanks biopsin!
I came here to find out what version of libevent was bundled because I couldn't build unbundled and came across this thread.

For anyone else using portage (Gentoo, Funtoo, Void...) here's the patch for your ebuild:
--- a/ipc/chromium/moz.build 2019-12-19 10:55:37.981447770 -0600
+++ b/ipc/chromium/moz.build 2019-12-19 10:58:33.281447322 -0600
@@ -143,9 +143,9 @@
-LOCAL_INCLUDES += ['src/third_party/libevent/linux']
+ ]
+ LOCAL_INCLUDES += ['src/third_party/libevent/linux']

if '86' not in ost and 'arm' not in ost and 'aarch64' != ost and 'mips' not in ost:
Not sure if "elif" is correct vs "if", but since I'm not running solaris, it doesn't matter to me.