Linux Lite OS & preferences not working

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lu ca
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Linux Lite OS & preferences not working

Unread post by lu ca » 2019-04-05, 17:07

Hi everyone...
Using Linux Lite OS for quite some time & just installed Palemoon as Firefox is too heavy for this machine.
Love Palemoon & machine going faster, now...but thing is, that I go to 'tools', then go to 'preferences'...& it gets stuck - ''Preferences' does not work & for the life of me can't adjust anything at all.
Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling palemoon over & over. Is this a bug?
Thank you...

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Re: Linux Lite OS & preferences not working

Unread post by Nigaikaze » 2019-04-05, 17:37

You say you have uninstalled and reinstalled, but then you also posted in another thread describing this problem, that also describes a solution. You should go back to that other thread and try what they recommend. Spreading your support requests across multiple threads just causes confusion.
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