Start-up Geometry bug in PM 28.0.0

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Re: Start-up Geometry bug in PM 28.0.0

Unread post by yami_ » 2018-10-19, 21:24

arkaland wrote:In previous versions of Pale Moon, a user could simply edit (after closing Pale Moon) the "xulstore.json" file in their home directory, and "Problem solved".
So this thread is about Pale Moon ignoring xulstore.json and is not about the speed of Pale Moon's window maximization? Okay... Actually, after rereading this thread a few times I am leaning toward thinking that I and several other people in this thread misunderstood your problem.
fig. 1 - Pale Moon 27.9.4, menu bar disabled
fig. 2 - Pale Moon 27.9.4, menu bar enabled
fig. 3 - FossaMail 38.9.4a1
The difference between fig. 1 and fig. 2 can be explained by the fact that Pale Moon will either draw the window decorations itself (menu bar disabled) or it will let the WM do it (menu bar enabled). On UNIX® operating systems the later is always true.
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