Unable to log into Amazon.com Store Card

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Unable to log into Amazon.com Store Card

Unread post by gracious1 » 2018-03-22, 02:04

I tried logging into my Amazon.com Store Card account, but was unable to do so.

This is the page:
https://www.synchronycredit.com/eSecuri ... &langId=en

I enter my ID and password, and I get a throbber, and then right back to the login page.

To compare, I tried with another browser at random, namely Brave, and I was able to successfully log in.

This is with version 27.9.0a1 (64-bit) (2018-03-20) on Ubuntu 14.04 .

EDIT: Never mind! :shifty: I made the rookie mistake of not trying this out in Safe Mode first. In Safe Mode, I was also able to successfully log in, so it must be an extension conflict. :mrgreen:
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