mailto - if unconfigured, clicking mailto link makes X session unusable

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mailto - if unconfigured, clicking mailto link makes X session unusable

Unread post by Lew Rockwell Fan » 2018-03-18, 19:55

I don't think it is a high priority bug, assuming it is a bug & not just me being stupid, because it is subject to the Jamie Zawinski solution (doing this weird thing causes bad things to happen - hmmm, don't do that weird thing) but:

I do not have mailto configured. My usual practice is to right click on mailto links and copy them. Then paste it to the right place in a web mail interface. This is a stripped down Ubuntu 16.04 built from the mini.iso, amd64 with X and Openbox. Like Lubuntu but lighter.

If I LEFT click a mailto link I get a blank tab that can't be closed. The palemoon window can't be closed. If minimised (iconified) it pops back up instantly. I can't type in the url field or the search field. If I highlight (select) all or part of anything already in either of those fields, the highlighting persists just long enough to see it and then goes away - a fraction of a second. Palemoon becomes uncloseable & unkillable. Not even xkill (and xkill is real bad ass) can do it in. I can get to another tty with cntrl-alt-F2, and log in there. But I can't kill it from there either.

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ps -wweo pid,args|grep pale
(still from tty2 cause the X session is now unusable) doesn't see it. How can that be? The only thing that works is to kill X and then startx, and then carefully uncheck the offending tab before restoring the PM session.

It still happens in safemode. It is not limited to one particular mailto link.

Discovered by accident because I don't normally LEFT click those links, and it is easy enough to avoid, but I thought y'all would want to know, and I am a little curious.
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